Hey ho it’s retro!

Posted on Mon, 1 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

“For the newly-wed, the about to-be-wed or indeed any young couple, setting up home is one of the most exciting of adventures. But although it is – and should be – a marvellous experience, real problems can arise which may create anxieties, perhaps even mar the pleasure of the occasion.” – introduction from The Complete Homemaker,  edited by Isabel Moore, Marshall Cavendish, London, 1976. And here dear readers are some of the solutions for a harmonious life together. Enjoy!





Sandy says:

My favorites are the yellow rooms and details!

I actually quite like the yellow kitchen. If you removed the two models and photographed it today, it would look almost contemporary. 🙂

Yellow front door is phenomenal! LOVE IT!

natalie says:

certainly there was no fear of PATTERNS and COLORS back then. each element individually is rad, but my eyes hurt seeing it mixed all together. we have come so far!

Erica says:

aargh, help..I’m having a bad flashback – the wallpaper! all that orange! the fold-out doors – I had them all…..I was SO trendy…

Denise says:

I hate retro.

Design-Aficionado says:

YES, the girls outfit at the end is awesome. Fashion trends always re-surface. I also like the yellow kitchen cabinets and the floor lamp in picture 3.

cinderellamd says:

just scary! and some day, the things we love today will be posted like this 🙁

whyioughtta says:

The fireside chair covers look like they might combust if placed within 10 feet of any fire.

Leticia Garcia Bas says:

Charming, orange and black dishes were identical in my grandparents’ house … good times!

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