Posted on Mon, 1 Mar 2010 by KiM

I was scoping out the portfolio of architecture and interior design firm West Chin the other day to see if there were more photos I could showcase here that Jo hadn’t already done in her post back in June. I came across a swanky pad that I thought was worthy of it’s own post. This flat is modern but not too harsh, with funky bits here and there (including a couple sets of boobs and a pair of diaper chairs), and even some cute spaces for the kids (the parents must lock them in their rooms for fear of dirty hands on the furniture). FAB!




Miss Bias says:

I'm loving the diaper chairs, the marble coffe tables, the rugs, and that bed frame. Just so beautiful and elegant.

Miss Bias

diana says:

Kids room is just too white if you ask me. The bed is awesome!

Mike says:

To answer above, that light fixture is by Omer Arbel for Bocci and the chairs are by Urquiola for Moroso.
Great space!

Mike T. says:

Sorry to dissent, but I wonder about the art work above the fireplace in the second picture. What’s going to happen to it when the fireplace is used? Makes me wonder about how livable the place is and how well things will work, pretty or not.

peggy says:

OMG! I absolutely adore this place! It’s stunning, astonishing. Almost every piece in the home is whimsical, yet it doesn’t come across as too witty. There is a lot of overt sexuality, yet the place is not trashy. Somehow it remains simple and somewhat minimal. It’s gorgeous! What an accomplisment. I can’t stop looking at these pictures.

Lynda says:

what a sweet treat of eye candy..
especially since I'm doing a blog series this month called March Modern Madness…

😀 Lynda

Ana says:

That is by far the coolest baby feeding chair I have ever seen!

edgar says:

Anyone know where the large photograph over the fireplace in the first two photos is from? thanks.

Pepe says:

I love the painting or frame that contains Madonna from the Confessions on a Dance Floor Tour beginning!

Pepe says:

It is a Steve Klein photograph of the Queen of Pop, Madonna, for the Confessions on a Dance Floor Tour played while she was expected to sing "Future Lover"

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