Gunkelman Flesher

Posted on Tue, 2 Mar 2010 by KiM

It’s been quite some time since Minneapolis interior design firm Gunkelman Flesher has been featured on DTI so how about a long-overdue encore. They have an undeniable creativity and unique use of colour, but on the other hand a wonderful ability to keep things muted yet still eye-catching. I love the lines of the furniture used throughout. Captivating, sophisticated and timeless.


lindsey says:

that navy blue velvet couch is what dreams are made of. obsessed.

Jordana says:

So many great chairs! I can’t pick a favourite!

Carla Loo says:

So beautiful! These designs inspires me a lot! thank you so much for posting!

NelsonOH says:

I appreciate the first-rate designs featured here. They are at once tasteful and sophisticated and are unblemished by pretentiousness. I would be proud to showcase these designs in my home. Gunkelman Flesher is deserving of praise for their effort.

oregonbird says:

Unconventional elegance. I love that they turn what was obviously meant to be a dining room in an arts&crafts house into a conversation area — and it works. They love egg chairs, maybe more than is seemly, but ALL the chairs are chosen so carefully; althogh leather in a bathroom? I’ll object to that because of the squeakiness factor. The blue velvet room is my favorite (cue song) for the sheer exotic vibe it sends out.

The black chandelier caught my eye. Looks like vintage, does anyone know where it comes from and who designed it?

Raru says:

I absolutely love first picture.
Thank you!

so so so beautiful. thank you for introducing me!

designgal says:

Can you tell me the colors of paint that you used in the bedroom and what I think is the bathroom powder room?
Lovely, lovely shades….. so amazing.

Thank you!!!

Kim, OMG! How much I would give for that dark velvet blue couch with matching photos! LOVE!

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