Why I wanted a shipping container – part 2

Posted on Wed, 17 Mar 2010 by KiM

Here is another store in Puerto Vallarta that I almost passed out in. It’s called Ponciana, located downtown, and was filled with everything under the sun. Clothing, tons of linens (lace, tablecloths, pillowcovers, runners…), mirrors, furniture, glassware, dishes, pottery, paintings…you name it. And I went a little nutty in this store knowing I could fit little bits and pieces in my suitcase. To my delight I did end up purchasing several items. Here’s a peek inside Ponciana, and coincidentally you’ll get a glimpse at a few of the things that came home with me (which is another post for later).


Kerry says:

so that’s where my beaded tassels came from!!

kristi@lovelyvelo says:

Tell me you made it home with that pink chair! I’ve been to Ponciana and came home with some great finds! I also stumbled across a great art shop nearby and just reframed some of the prints I bought.

KiM says:

kristi, I cannot tell you how hard it was to walk out of the store without that pink chair (I would have called it my throne). 🙁

Wow, really colorful, looks like a great shop.

Patty says:

Everything looks so pretty! If I went to that market I would never be able to leave, I’m a sucker for bright colors 🙂

tscd says:

Oh. My. God.
The fabrics, the chairs, the tiny pots, the mirrors, the tassels, the…*faints*

Hope Island Home and Living says:

Love it ! Absolutely Love It !

The colors, the patterns, that Blue wall in the back! Makes me want to go there right now! it looks glorious, cant wait to see your finds!

Vanesa says:

Please help! This is bugging me so much: There is a photo in this post of a stack of colorful quilts. Ive seen one before but the blue version. They have a pattern of animals and flowers. Just wondering who designs them and what their story is!

Thanks so much!

KiM says:

Vanessa, if you’re talking about the 4th photo it’s embroidery called otomi.

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