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Posted on Fri, 19 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

It’s difficult to put Japanese design firm Jamo associates into the usual pigeon holes we use. Interior designer, stylist, product designer. Their work encompasses all areas. It’s collaboration. Think concept styling, magazines, catalogues, shop co-ordination and display, space design and everything in between.  It’s marie clair and Real Simple, Elle Décor and Sony, Cibone and Laura Ashley. It’s a little quirky but always inspiring.





Beautiful photos, spaces. I’m entranced! I’ll check out more from the link…

Jo: You are so good at describing! I would not know how to begin. But, wow, these spaces are facinating. :o) ~Sparky

Katy says:

That green cluster wall is wonderful! The "wave" of items is so unexpected. I just love it!

elizabeth s. says:

I was going through my favorites on my work computer and I rediscovered your blog. LOVE IT!!!! I am going to add it to my blog roll and make sure that I read it every day…totally makes me happy as I sit at my very un-creative desk job…at least I have some eye candy to enjoy! Thank you so much!


Mandy says:

Love the kitchen!!!

I love the zingy lime green walled living room with the casual art/photo display. I’d put this one down to Mexico with a modern twist.

Now that’s what I call eclectic – fabulous diverse work

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Hi Jo (and Kim). Wow Jo – thanks so much for the picture of the dining room. You know – I have been going nuts lately trying to figure out ow to make my dining area – which has a lot of wood – not look so hard. Well, that shotot with the wood table, chairs and floor somehow does it. It’s the plants! And the chandeliers! Mercy. I guess it’s true what they say that if you love something, you can make it work.

clara lia londono says:


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