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Posted on Thu, 25 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

I love Vogue Living’s Before & After special edition. So inspirational. Such stunning homes. And one of my favourites in this year’s edition is an apartment by Sydney interior designer Michael Bechara (last two pictures). A quick click over to his website and I was in love. Bechara’s work is sleek and über cool, midcentury combined with contemporary. It’s young and fun and hot. Great art, great furniture, great rooms. Keep an eye out for more of his work. His star has definitely risen.





I love the artwork in pretty much all the shots. The interiors are beautiful, über cool and spacious, allowing enough beathing room for the beautiful art to stand out.

A lots of new inspiration! Many thanks!

What gorgeous spaces!

Oh, and I linked to this post on my blog this morning. 🙂

Love all of the MCM integration, thanks for the post!

jenn says:

that’s the second time today i’ve seen falcon chairs looking good- i normally hate them, but by god now i feel like i need at least one.

Rachel says:

Great stuff! Anyone know where those plaid chairs are from in the second to last picture?

I love that image with the leather couch and the orchard ladder

Michael Bechara says:

Hey guys, thanks for the interest and comments on my work. I will have further images on my website as projects are complete and ready to photograph. http://www.michaelbechara.com
I found the plaid chairs in an antiques market here in Sydney, who also keep modernist furniture and had them upholstered in the plaid.
Any other questions, feel free to send me an email enquiries@michaelbechara.com

Kathleen says:

GREAT ARTWORK!!! Does anyone know where to get the artwork??

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