While I recup…

Posted on Tue, 6 Apr 2010 by KiM

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend spent with family and eating great food and lots of chocolate (like Jo). I spent the last half of it with a really REALLY bad stomach virus that was passed around to most members of my immediate family. Good times. I haven’t eaten since dinner Saturday so I’m hoping my appetite comes back (maybe not full force though!). That being said I’m a bit behind in my blog research but I did manage to find a classic Swedish flat that I really like for it’s ethnic and modern touches, loads of comfort and great built-in storage (via Lagerlings).




Tanya says:

OH everything looks so massive. I love all the books.

Melanie says:

I love when books cover an entire wall. Especially when they creep above the door as well.

Stefanie says:

Get well soon!

I love the books an the built-in storage.

Kristen says:

Check out that wall of books! What a statement. And the slick dining chairs… Such a lovely home.
Sorry to hear about the icky stomach! Hope you get to feelin’ up to eatin’ soon 🙂

michelle says:

this apartment gets such great light. feel better!

Wonderful Scandinavian inspiration. I hope you get well soon Kim.

mrs c says:

I would love to have that solid wall of bookshelves…I have the books just need the shelves. Once I saw books sorted by colors and it looked great!

Man, this flat makes me want to be a better person. Or at least, have wood floors! Sigh.

Jenna Watson says:

What is the picture in the dining room of the girl in the water?

Emma says:

what i would do for herringbone floors. so stylish and sophisticated.

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