Another mag feature!

Posted on Mon, 12 Apr 2010 by KiM

I don’t want to steal Jo’s birthday thunder (see post below), but in this case I think I need to make an exception. Jo just received a magazine from Singapore called Home & Decor that we’re featured in…as Bloggers of the Month!! They even included a photo of each of us and one of my kitchen. 🙂 WOHOO!!

Tonia says:


Fabuloso! What a lovely birthday gift!
-Jordana 🙂

mariel says:

yea!!! congratulations!! 🙂

Andrea says:

congratulations!!!!!!! I am going to get a copy!

Helena says:

congratulations, great news, absolutely deserved!

Paulani says:

I was travelling from Malaysia (I live in Winnipeg) and had picked up this magazine for the plane ride home. Much to my surpise they had featured my favorite blog that I read everyday! You’ve reached the world with your inspiring posts. Keep it up!

DeborahMcP says:

I don’t think anyone could beat the synchronicity of that last comment! LOL! So I’ll just congratulate the two of you. Yeh Desire to Inspire!

Sherry says:

yeah!! i live in Singapore and am home decorating, so bought the issue as well. was really happy to see you guys featured, you’re my absolute favourite design blog!!

congratulations! you ladies deserve every bit of press you receive. happy birthday indeed 🙂


ooooh so AWESOME….! Always nice to see yourself in a magazine :))))

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