Posted on Tue, 20 Apr 2010 by KiM

My sister recently sent me the link to a Hungarian magazine called Otthon. I was excited to find a slew of cool photos on their website. Here are some that really caught my eye. (The first one = SO ADORABLE!).

how amazing is the third one down??? LOVING all those mixes of patterns and colors!

Sparky says:

I love just about everything in the room in that photo with the flamingo painting over the fireplace!

Daniella says:

What a great find! I know the styling of picture 3 isn’t as sophisticated as that of some of the others, but I LOVE IT! The combination of dazzling patterns and colors is just phenomenal.

When I was a child, I would have adored to have a room like this. …I still might!

orsi says:

I’m an another hungarian fan of yours (finding here great ideas for our soon to be home) a few sec I actually thought that I’m hallucinating, seeing the word "otthon" :)) those green walls are a real inspiration for me, I’m sure, that I’ll have one of those and really proud, that they are from Hungarian source 🙂

greetings from Budapest!!

Rea says:

ahh, I got lost for a second.. Didn’t understand if I misread the word, or what.. LOL..

another reader from Budapest, Hungary

(ps. how does it feel having so many Hungarian readers? I was surprised! Sziasztok!)

pok says:

Hi!! Pardon my ignorance, I have no design background but I still love reading your blog.. eye candy!!

What are the rugs in the first few pictures called (the ones from the house w/ turquoise chaires and tables)? I love those rustic rugs and find are the easiest to combine modern- classic, boho…

KiM says:

pok – they look like antique kilim rugs to me. I have one in my kitchen under my dining table and I LOOOOOVE it!

woody says:

Can anyone tell me where the coffee tables in the fifth pic are from (the room with the chocolate walls)? I have a feeling they’re a design classic but I can’t identify them. Much appreciated.

Jenny says:

My mom is Hungarian and now I understand that her seemingly cluttered decorating style is simply the Hungarian way!

Monica says:

Absolutely Beautiful, just found you from New Zealand.

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