Amy Samelson

Posted on Wed, 21 Apr 2010 by midcenturyjo

Amy Samelson has an eye for calm, refined modern spaces. Her designs use rich textures and beautifully subtle colours. It’s a modern, clean lined look but at the same time almost sumptuous with the layering of textures, softened with the draping of fabric. It’s an easy elegance but a look that is just right for the everyday and perfect for small space living.

Thanks for sharing. There are some great details in these photos. I am def. into the baskets that’s been put on the floor for storage..loving them. Actually need to find one or two for my tiny apartments. Hmm..maybe I can put them underneath my long white desk, that would look stylish.

All the best.
-Design Studio 210

kiddo says:

Love the grey colour on the walls in the first bathroom.

how cool is that raised fireplace?

KiM says:

Very cool spaces! I too love the baskets (I have several and they’re GREAT for storage in small spaces) and the raised fireplace

Carol says:

Love the clean lines of her designs overall. Crazy about that room with the big mahogony wall and gold ceiling. Look at those colors together! And that wonderful seating nook–for eating, reading, working–whatever–it just makes you want to be in that space.

crystal says:

kim&jo- i have to say i, amongst many of my friends here at my office reading your blog, do NOT like your "click to read more" bar at bottom of post. firstly, it is not to read, but to VIEW so images easily can be missed if you do not notice that option – which i have done and now i have to scroll at the way back through your previous posts and continue reading to catch ALL the images (which is the BEST part of your blog!)! please go back to your old style of posting where *all images* are included on full front page of each post (which was THE format that hallmarked your blog above all the rest). your new style is not reader friendly at all! please amend!!

amy says:

i’d really love to know who makes those tall white cabinets in the bedroom (and kitchen) photos. Are they made by someone or custom?

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