Squillace Nicholas Architects

Posted on Wed, 21 Apr 2010 by KiM

Vince Squillace, Patrick Nicholas and the rest of the team at Squillace Nicholas Architects are some talented folks. This Australian firm “believes the experience of architecture is heightened through a building’s engagement with landscape and climate, the interplay of light, and the sensuality of materials.” Amazing attention to detail while keeping clean, simple looks. Lovely!



Cristina says:

Beautiful house, I love the clean lines and the airy feeling. Thanks for posting 🙂

Vanderlene Pulsz says:

Clean,essencial,integrada com a natureza..obrigada.

midcenturyjo says:

Way to go with finding fabulous Australian talent. Love the big open spaces and clean lines as well as the inside out vibe.

Rebecca says:

Loving the horizontal slated wood wall. Of course I love it in landscapes, fences and it’s always neat to see it interpreted for interiors.

designgal says:


Where can we find those beautifully simple bar stools?
So pretty.

Thank you!!

Cata says:

Que belleza, solo inspira tranquilidad

Pat Nicholas SNA says:

Thanks for the great feedback.
The bar stools from the first image at my house are from Thonet, they are light, strong, comfortable, durable and not cost prohibitive.

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