Reader request – stainless kitchens

Posted on Tue, 27 Apr 2010 by KiM

This request comes from Joanne: “I am looking to renovate soon, and there is a stainless steel kitchen with open shelving I love (Moris Moreno). Do you have more photos of kitchens like these?”

I unfortunately don’t have an arsenal of photos that showcase stainless kitchens with open shelving but I did manage to find a few, and then some without the open shelving that I thought were pretty cool. Hope these help Joanne!

e-architekt Steven Gambrel
Insidehomepage Sköna Hem
Elle Decor Lynn Morgan
Guido Barbagelata Anima

Stellan Herner
April Tidey
Film Locations UK
House of Pictures
Nick Guttridge
Stephen Shadley
Tobin Bennett
Tsao & McKown
Chicago Home + Garden
This Old House
House To Home
Marie Claire Maison

Tanya says:

Great post! I love these types of kitchen. They appear so massive and ready to use…a lot. Loves!

Lisa That Dang Bumpkin who keeps commenting here says:

Better than sex today loves, I had my first Kitchen Interior Design Orgasm somewhere between the Lime Green, the Orange, and The just a dash of Pink.
I am fanning the face flush.
Two thumbs up from the nutty Bumpkin!

Seriously, out of this world!

i love the way open shelving looks, but i can’t imagine that it’s practical – especially in the desert (dust), with children (crash and break!) and pets (dog and cat hair). i’ll just admire from afar!

Laura says:

I LOVE the stainless steel kitchen! It’s clean and modern, just like a kitchen should be! The open shelving I’m not such a fan of. While it’s a great idea, I think it can very clearly become cluttered looking. The cabinet drawers help to keep a cleaner and more streamlined look than the open shelving does.

peggy says:

oooh aaah. Now I want a stainless steel, open kitchen with pink walls! 🙂

Maura says:

OMG. The first kitchen. That’s my dream kitchen materialized.

I love the look of seeing everything… like your dishes and mugs and glasses!!! It looks awesome!!


Denise says:

I agree with every comment above – these are gorgeous kitchens. Kitchen No 1, April Tidey, and Tsao & McKown – each is divine.

ann says:

Love dreaming and you selected some beautiful ones…. just always wince, living in earthquake prone socal, at all those dishes crashing down … and the cat and dog fur wafting around.

oregonbird says:

Open shelving. No dark corners to get grungy, no wood dampening unseen, pulping softly over the years. Perfect.

I don’t like chests of drawers much, either! Although they’re great for legos, action figures and plastic horses.

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