Stalking in Finland

Posted on Wed, 28 Apr 2010 by midcenturyjo

I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. We have Tiina to thank for the link to the apartment we are stalking today. Classic meets modern in Helsinki, Finland. Warm buttery creams, white floors, sparkly chandeliers, stainless steel, timber and Ghost chairs. I’d gladly be Cinderella and sleep beside the stove in the kitchen. Then again there is always that comfy iron bed. The link is here while it lasts. Stay tuned I have another stalking in Sydney in a few hours.

Kiri says:

What a perfectly stunning, yet simple home! I love it…especially the dining area!

that kitchen is amazing! love the ghost chairs.

Char says:

Now that is a kitchen to entertain elegantly in. Lovely!

KiM says:

That first photo is SO breathtaking. LOVE!!

I think one of my favorite things in the world is a fancy chandelier in a kitchen.

Daniella says:

Love those soft warm buttery colors, with a modern sensibility! Clean yet inviting, and I ADORE those ethereal chairs in the dining area.

Sarah says:

I really like the opposites: chandelier with stark kitchen, large kitchen not over-shelved or cabineted, interesting decorative pieces against plain walls.

Jasmine says:

Holeeeee wowza! EIGHT GHOST CHAIRS?
I’d kill for just one, but eight???? I think I’ve died and gone to Phillipe Stark heaven!


I am really thinking about getting these chairs for a new dining table…hmmmm Looks great!!!!

Jen Ramos

AC says:

There’s more of this apartment here (cosmopolitan cocktail link)

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