Vicente Wolf, again

Posted on Wed, 19 May 2010 by KiM

Vicente Wolf, designer extraordinaire, is a huge favourite of ours and we were fortunate to have his new PR person contact us to see if we wanted some photos for another post. Hard to pass up a request like that – I could use some dreamy photos of beautifully and perfectly executed spaces to brighten my day….neutral spaces done soooooo right that exude sophistication.

RLG says:

I got to see Vincent Wolf on "Selling New York" and thought he was incredible. LOVE his work. xoxo

Sara says:

WOW- where can i get the lounge featured behind the double base??

Tanya says:

Love the ratan seating and the dramatic curtains behind that couch. Beautiful, truly beautiful.

Stacey says:

I love how light and airy the spaces are, and I love VW’s use of a variety of texture!

Lulu1212 says:

Awe thanks Vincente. I like the colors. 🙂

Heather says:

Wondering who styled and took the pictures….another art done soooooooooooo well!

Anna says:

Mr. Vincente just gets it right! I love his work so much so thank you for posting more of his work!

Bev65 says:

Light, airy, minimal. Kind of a floating, foglike quality to the rooms. Very dream like in a way. I’m a Pisces, so I loves me some Vincente Wolf…But are they practical to live in? I’d like to see these rooms after my two Labramutts and my teenage sons have a go at them. LOL

@Heather – thanks for the compliment. I shoot all my own projects (and do the styling for them too). It’s almost the highlight of the project for me as I get to see the final work through a lens.

Trish Shoultz says:

Am most eager to find a "daybed" similar to the brown and chrome one in picture #13!! Am moving to a Manhattan coop with a guest room
fit for leprechauns … Also … it would seem that there is a trundle?

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