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Posted on Thu, 20 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

Heide Lender lives in a fabulous San Francisco pad.  Love the white walls and wooden floors, the architectural features, the light… love the light. I’d kill for her Beni Ouarain rugs and are they Togo sofas I spy? Great kitchen, tolix chairs in the dining room, fab bathrooms and a wonderful space to use as an office. Heidi you have it all! Sadly though Heidi is moving on from her rad pad and wanted us to all die from jealousy, sorry I meant that she wanted to share her remodeled home, before she started to pack it all up. Heidi if I was in SF I’d move in in a heart beat.

LOVING that bookcase/arc lamp/cow chair combo! Totally makes you want to snuggle up with a good read!

cajeta says:

Too perfect. Too gorgeous. I love all those doors, windows, thick walls, & little nooks! I want to curl up and read!

henndog says:

What nobody is mentioning (cuz it’s too obvious?) is that an apartment like this would cost $4,000 a month in San Francisco. And as a property? Don’t go there… It IS a beautiful dream of a place but for someone who lives in San Francisco and pays a crippling $1,600 a month just to live in a tiny apartment, this place seems as unreal as those huge Manhattan lofts that 20-year-olds always seem to live in in movies. But anyway, BRAVO, it’s a gorgeous space.

hilary says:

Actually, henndog it would be far more than 4k per month and about 1 million to buy or more, depending on the area. I live also live in SF.
Beautiful regardless.

Hello! I love this beautiful space. Also a bay area resident and am wondering if Heidi could share any sourcing information on the sliding doors hardware?? Have been looking for a supplier all over the place…Thank you! Love this beautiful beautiful home! The bathroom is perfection!

Tanya says:

Love the low to the ground seating and open cabinets. Beautifully inviting home!

Jen says:

Hilary, finding it difficult to differentiate between $4000 and 4k here. Am I missing something?

Andrea says:

I wish I live there!

millie says:

She is so stylish! I love it
this home is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen

Cman says:

Is that a utility sink in the Kitchen? Great money saver!

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