Flickr finds – Bertoia chairs

Posted on Sun, 23 May 2010 by KiM

Peggy, I think the Bertoia chair’s comfort level is really dependent on the individual. I have several (including one at my desk), and find it extremely comfortable to sit in — even for hours on end (literally!). Other folks, though, have the same experience you mention.

Can’t go wrong with Bertoia chairs….Love these!!

julie says:

ooh I’d love me a white diamond bertoia

Tanya says:

So many different forms of beautiful. I love these chairs and it was fun to see all the different looks. Like having the same sweater but pairing them with different pants/skirts/shorts/shoes. Love.

I love them but with the cushions or your backside looks like a waffle when you stand up.

Miriam says:

This is not helping my obsession with this chair…if only I could get my husband to be as devoted to them!

I think this for sure has to be my favorite Flickr find!

Sarah W says:

That chair always scared me, but to see all the different ways of using is very interesting. It can look so different depending on the setting. Still don’t know if I will every purchase one, but great post.

Bev65 says:

Forgive my ignorance, but is it "bur-toy-a" or "burr-twa"? Anyone?

sue hawkins says:

Wow! I see one of my own Bertoia chairs here! The apartment is not current, but there it is. Strangely, I had painted them black at the time and now they are slowly returning to their original white. I paid $75 for the pair!

I find the Diamond Chair (not the side chair) to be really comfortable. I’d have a whole herd of them if I could!

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