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Posted on Mon, 7 Jun 2010 by midcenturyjo

Alistair Nicholls loves architecture. Alistair Nicholls loves interiors. Alistair Nicholls loves design. Alistair Nicholls loves photography and quite frankly is more than pretty bloody good. He’s fab. It’s the Brit effect. He cuts though the affected, feigned and faux. Rooms are real and their beauty is genuine. And all this revealed through a talented photographer’s eye. Enjoy!

bobbi says:

Those windows are amazing. And i love how he can make different styles work together. I want to live in the last picture.

The bathtub with the wooden block legs are very interesting. I love it!

Great skyline view from the large windows! I also love the blue door and the beautiful topiaries! Thanks for sharing.
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Laura says:

even with the great picture windows, the lovely patio area and the great styling, my favorite part is definitely the bathtub! I think the idea could be replicated, but it would have to be done cleverly and carefully

Tanya says:

I love how everything is put together. So different yet so elegant.

i love the backyard dining area. and what a view in that last picture!

oregonbird says:

"Cuts though the affected, feigned and faux." And the very first picture has a cushion tossed oh-so-pointlessly on the floor and a picture that can’t be bothered attaching itself to the wall, while the too-too- much chair comes with its own haircut!

That said, I love the focus on early and mid-century furnishings, absolutely adore the capture of the restrained use of grass green (a little goes a long way, with that intense color) in that marvelous setting, and would happily replicate the window shade/candle set-up. He certainly captures mood.

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