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Posted on Wed, 9 Jun 2010 by midcenturyjo

mmmmmmmm… m. elle. It’s easy to see why this mother and daughters design team (Mary Lynn Turner and Marie and Emily Turner) made Elle Decor’s 5 to watch list. Sophisticated interiors throughout their portfolio but it was this mountain home that had me from the first picture. Understated elegance yes but also casual and inviting. Cocooned in dark rooms with blazing fires and layered textures. Enticed by the bright and white. It’s a stone and aged wooden beam dream with conifer clad hills thrown in for free. Retreat is definitely the right word. What a wonderful interpretation to match a stunning site.







Dawn McD says:

I want to live HERE!

Ann Hollandsworth says:

Where can we find the blue prints to this house?
Thanks so much!

miriam says:

beautiful house!! living in the countryside, my biggest dream…

kimy says:

I want to live here!!It's such a gorgeous house. I specifically like the entertainment room. My guest will never get bored.I will add a flat television in there or a sound system that will also match the place so as to maintain the homely feel of it. I like my place to have a mini library or bookshelves with my favorite books so that my friends can read them too.

Homeclick says:

This home would be a perfect place to escape to on the weekends or during the fall/winter. Love the modern country styling of the interior.

"I have many leatherbound books and my house smells of rich mahogany." -Ron Burgundy

Linds says:


Guy says:

I wish I had someone who would select only the best aesthetic logs and pile them just so in strategic places throughout my home so it looked like I was roughing it and having fires all the time. I guess if you have a yard servant you can get them to do it. 🙂

Brett says:

Please please tell me where I can find the grey cement tile!!! This is the perfect one …I have to have it for my new master bath.

Lucas says:

I love this design style, give people rustic feel. Quiet design , let our hearts back to nature. Great!

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