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Posted on Tue, 8 Jun 2010 by KiM

I could not resist posting this request we got recently from Marcelo and Shanti: “We bought a house for us and our three kids… but the facade is ugly as it gets… Please help us as our kids are ashamed from the house…” I have to admit that this may be one of the ugliest exteriors I’ve ever seen.

Does anyone have any suggestions for these poor folks? I’m clueless when it comes to exteriors – and when it’s this wacky I’m even more clueless. (I would like to make one suggestion – that you save up some cash to get that top left window replaced so it can be the same size as the others).

KiM says:

oregonbird, the way I usually deal with reader requests is that I email the reader when I’ve gotten their post ready (the night before) and let them know their post is coming up. Often the reader will then leave comments on the post and most will thank us via email at which point I tell them that we’d love to see after photos when they’re done. And then there are others we never hear from again….

Annika says:

If you are after a more modern look, I would render the bottom part of the house, then paint it in a warm, dark gray color. Keep it white or light above, paint the door in a funky bright color, to make a statement.. , the windows will need some attention at least from of the front of the house. Also, create some more interest with plants maybe native green plants in front of the house and along the path.. that’s my 2 cents worth.. good luck..

melinda says:

With what your wallet allows… I would paint the whole house a nice gray shade. Loose the awnings. Under the small window attach a black wrought iron flower box with long vining plants and flowers. Paint the front door shiny black . Accent the front entrance with a neat red mailbox and house numbers. Plant red flowers in urns and planters to tie it all together. Just clean up the front landscaping. Black shutters and painting the chimney black would look even nicer. Baby steps.

Shanti says:

Hey everyone!

Wow. Thanks for all the great ideas and nice comments. We’ll definitely post photos when we are done.

Shanti & Marcelo

Jewel says:

3 really easy things:

1. Put a long window box planter on your smaller window and plant some vines and voluptous flowers in it so that they hang down, filling that empty space and balancing out the size of the other window

2. Change your front door!! It’s HORRID and cheap looking- that window cutout makes me want to barf. Something like the middle door in this arangment would look great- I think a light, unfinished-looking wood would look great with the brick and siding:

3. You need some vertical bushes or plants in front of that wall to the left of your front door, it’s too bare and harsh.

I think the house has interesting character that has been butchered by not using the right finishing touches, that’s all.

Jewel says:

Also, please don’t put plastic trinkets in your window boxes over wintertime… sorry, oregonbird! ah!

anon says:

Tell your kids to be grateful they are not living here:!!!%20jakarta.indymedia–09.jpg

Your house is nothing to be ashamed of.

K:ra says:

I look at this facade and assume the awnings are a reaction to some strong light. i would love for this to go to a more striking extreme, yet not garish, more naturalistic. Wide (10-12") wood planks (cedar perhaps) that would run vertically hanging over the brick at varying lengths, generally following the line of the lower windows, with longer pieces were space allows. As for the portico an elegantly curved piece of plywood would be striking, provide cover from the elements, and contrast the linear elements – while conjuring the elegance of an Eames plywood chair. as for the awnings – I would do a slatted wood on a dark metal frame.

as for the landscaping – keep the big trees – it took them long enough to grow, and unless they are damaging something they needed be removed. perhaps some climbing roses along the mailbox wall, they could eventually grow up the newly planked facade.



Marek says:

Have you trioed to advise them local (home) stager? Would make some suggestions during consultation and this can be for lower price or free as a part of promotion, if starter…What area is it?

Nicky Vicky says:

This is a really beautiful house facade! Admire your work and your picture documentation!

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