I want this loft!

Posted on Tue, 15 Jun 2010 by KiM

A big thanks to Sonia who left us some links to Spanish shelter magazines – because I came across an incredible loft from www.micasarevista.com that I immediately fell in love with. OMG – it’s got everything. First, it’s a loft. You can’t go wrong with that. Then there’s white walls (my new favourite wall colour), a mix of modern and retro vintage furnishings, Tolix dining chairs, harvest dining table, metro shelving, cowhide rugs, funky artwork, Anglepoise lamp….when can I move in?!?!

Katelynne says:

That couch is to DIE for!!!

Katelynne says:

…and the wood on the ceilings! I couldn’t pull that off in a loft though! (They obviously did)

Paula says:

You are absolutely right this place is stunning! I want to move in there as well. And I love mix of modern and retro furnishing.

lou says:

this is the most beautiful loft i’ve ever seen. the ants are a great detail. also love the concrete ceiling! everything here make a fantastic home. want!!

davidikus says:

These volumes are very nice! The style of the interior design is a bit bland but this is a very nice pad altogether!

Bev65 says:

you want this loft? Ha! Get in line Sugar

Regina says:

I’m a decorative painter and my home reflects that but I am really digging the all-white walls, the furniture pieces with beautiful patinas (that verdigris table, oh my) and the clean open feel of the loft. When can I move in? 🙂

Priscilla says:

Oh my God!!! Fabulous!!!

wow – this is one of my favorites that you’ve ever shared!!

Natascha says:


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