A girl can dream

Posted on Tue, 29 Jun 2010 by midcenturyjo

It looks pretty certain that with my husband’s new job (yay!) that we will be moving to the next city (not so yay!) in a few months. The house search starts all over again and in a new town, my old home town. Never thought I would be going back after I escaped left 30 years ago. One consolation though is that the real estate is cheaper and the place is full of gorgeous old timber homes. Today I’m stalking this home. Built in 1890 it oozes the old house charm I’m craving. Needs work though. Lots of painting, tweek the kitchen and bathroom, bring the garden back to life, fences, deck and of course it’s much more than we can afford right now. Do you think it can stay unsold for say… oooh… 8 to 10 months? Then we could just about do it ๐Ÿ™‚ A girl can dream.

P.S. Because I really really want this house even if I can’t afford it and no one else can have it until I can here is the general link to the real estate site but no direct link…. wouldn’t want someone else to buy it! I know I’ve jinxed my dream already ๐Ÿ˜›

alexa says:

Oh! What a great house… You never know… The economy might help you out here. ๐Ÿ™‚

ja says:


can anyone tell me what that piece of furniture (3 seat chair) in the 5th and 6th picture called?


Sammy says:

Loving the Queenslander style so OTT yet practical in the heat with those deep verandas – where you off to?

Rachel says:

Oh I can see why you love it, it has AMAZING potential. The hardwood floors are beautiful. Good luck!

lea says:

What a gorgeous old home. I would leave the timber walls in the kitchen and get new light coloured cabinets etc. Those walls could be the original unpainted hoop pine variety. I am into modern but when I see an old queenslander like this one I could easily have one again. (Only I know how much work they are ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks for the post.

davey says:

It’s beautiful and like you said it needs work. They say that the best houses are the old ones built because of the architectural woods. (i think) Also, looking through the pictures, it definitely speaks old charms.

Deb says:

It is SO beautiful!! Since I can’t have it, I truly hope that you are able to make it yours!

marilyn says:

Hi Jo,

You are a clever (and well known) girl. Can’t you just get a sponsor to help you buy that big old place? Make a proposal to Dulux, Haynes or Porters. Go on you can do it.

Good Luck

midcenturyjo says:

Jun 10 I only know that chair as a conversation chair or tete-a-tete chair but I’m sure it has a real name. Sammy it’s Ipswich. And sadly I have just managed to get onto RP Data to find out that they paid way too much for it 2 year ago so the price will not being going down very much at all. Sadly it won’t be ours but … I have my eye on a brick and slate 1860 girl’s school with 3 fireplaces, a slate roof (OMG) and cedar everywhere. A very scary house though as far as the amount of work goes. The hunt goes on :):):)

Classof65 says:

When I saw the first few photos I couldn’t imagine why you liked the house. I do like the transoms and the stained glass… then I continued to scroll through and saw more and more features that appealed to me and finally understood why you fell for the place! It grows on you! Now I love it…

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