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Posted on Tue, 6 Jul 2010 by KiM

Monday was quite a day – 45 degrees celsius here in Ottawa (that’s with the nasty humidex), work all day, a third visit with the florist for the wedding coming up in less than 3 weeks, and then a trip to deliver cat #9 to his new home (he was one of my fiancé’s cats, who wasn’t getting along with my 7). So I’m drained, exhausted and so damn hot (my house has no A/C). When my twin sister sent me a link to a story on Husohem, I figured I’d follow along with Jo’s landscape posts from yesterday and post this gorgeous yard.


I love the interior shot with all the windows. So bright and white. Makes me feel cool and think of garden smells.

Cristina says:

Gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

Margo says:

Charming – simply charming. I love that entire area where the water pump is!

…so LOVELY… thanks for taking a break from wedding planning to share; hopefully it ‘cooled’ you off a little bit too ;).

jawcey says:

So awesome. I love these images. And they’re perfect for inspiration for me (because I’m moving to 2.5 acres to help some friends start up a small organic farm – I’d love it to look as magical and special as this!).

Marleen says:

Great photos ! I'm leaving for Sweden next week, maybe i'll find more of these beautiful spots.
Have great (and not to hot) summer.


mara says:

I love this blog

Andrew says:

These are great. My favorite one is the short bench with the white oval mirror over it. It adds a lot of personality to what would have been an otherwise dull corner. Neat.

Temo Landscaping says:

Wonderful post! This yard is to die for

Amber says:

Can you please share the exterior red color?! It’s beautiful! Thank you 🙂

KiM says:

Sorry we have no idea

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