Meg Braff

Posted on Thu, 15 Jul 2010 by KiM

Back in ’07 Jo blogged about the remarkable portfolio of interior designer Meg Braff, mentionning her passion for color, fabric and pattern. Well, things haven’t changed much in almost 3 years, as her portfolio is abundant with vibrant and fresh designs that are awe-inspiring. I particularly love her Asian touches. GORG!!


Angela says:

So beautiful!

Bev65 says:

Eh… I think the "asian touch" is a little heavy handed in some of these. Too much of a good thing gets kinda kitschy. I think those rooms would be a little hard to live in full time. I do like the bold use of color in the last 6 photos and the graphic quality she brings to a room.

Tanya says:

This makes me want a chandelier in every room

kerri says:

Just gorgeous. I particularly love her work at Round Hill, Jamaica. Fresh, beachy and absolutely beautiful.

tws says:

Bev65 – you read my mind. Also, some of these are a little matchy matchy. I like some of the graphics, and some of the green and blue hues

mkl says:

Beautiful. Finished rooms. Sigh. We designed and built our country home. Will it ever look like this? Your photos and selections are inspirational!

oregonbird says:

I swear, I’d walk into the room — any of them — and move one of the matching, perfect placed ornaments just *that* much out of place.

Nat says:

To each their own, a little too too much for me. However, really great use of wallpaper and great spirit overall. Also, bathroom in the last picture is NICE 🙂

Bev65 says:

*sigh* I do kinda pine for that bathroom, Nat.

Phyllis says:

Meg Braff . GENUS. CHINOISERIE "mix" has ALWAYS made old things look new. LOVE all the ways Meg Braff has incorporated chinoiserie in her interior designs. GENUS. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

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