Susanne’s Swedish pad

Posted on Tue, 20 Jul 2010 by KiM

We received an email from Susanne Lindgren the other day who wanted to share with us the Stockholm home her and her family had built which happens to be for sale (see listing here). It is ideally Swedish and perfection in every way. It is staged so beautifully I can’t imagine it not being snatched up immediately. The kitchen is incredible – I LOVE the black wall with black uppers. I love the concrete floors on the lower level and the whitewashed timber floors upstairs. I love all the carpets, love the bench in the hallway, and love the overall sparseness. I reeeeeeally wish I could live like that, without so much STUFF everywhere but it seems impossible. (Thank you Susanne!)

Paula says:

I love those chandeliers!

axio99 says:

i love the flooring, the smooth concrete doesn’t make the house very industrial like and the wooden floor doesn’t mae the house looks like a barn…lovely

Beth says:

The kitchen is so incredibly gorgeous! I love the streamlined look of the cabinets, chairs and everything! I wish I could live like this!

Catherine says:

Honestly, I WANT THAT BENCH!! It’s gorgeous. Do you know where it’s from? Please help. Thanks!

Michelle says:

Whenever I think I just can’t possibly love this blog anymore, you ladies go ahead and post something like this.

I am delighted and surprised by every post — thank you so much for being such an abundant spring of inspiration!

audrey says:

the floors and rugs in that house are pure perfection!

Emi says:

Wow! It’s amazing! Yet, for 5 1/2 million SEK, I guess that is to be expected!

Ansela says:

Bland, boring, unattractive and depressing is what I see, inside and out. I don’t understand this attraction some people have over Swedish interiors and homes.

Lady says:


My boyfriend and I are so ready to move in here.

I can’t stop looking at this house. Have had the tab open in my browser for days! Usually I’ll really like a few details here and there, but not EVERYTHING! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful images.

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