FMD Architects

Posted on Thu, 29 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo

Fiona Dunin is the driving force behind Melbourne based design firm FMD Architects. Trained as both an architect and an interior designer her work focuses on materials and their use within her spaces. It’s a modern look that is not precious but honest and obvious. It’s not about hiding with layers but being out and proud in a way. There are clever storage solutions and light, always lots of light streaming in… perhaps not with the black bunkers 😉 but these stand in stark contrast to the Australian landscape. Simple, clean lines making maximum impact.



kristine says:

This is absolutely beautiful. LOVE how the floor and the shelves compliment each other.

Lintsu says:

Off-topic: I wonder what race that dog is. Is super cute. 😀

Ypille says:

Picture #6 is a dream.

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