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Posted on Thu, 29 Jul 2010 by KiM

I finally had a chance to get to a reader request, and this one comes from Kristin: “My husband and I have a basement to floor. Due to an intermittently angry washing machine, we need something waterproof. We have decided that tile is be the best option. Do you have inspiration photos of tiled floors? This is going to be our second family room, so the tile can’t look out of place with sofas and pillows and dog beds.” I sure do have some tiled floor photos for inspiration to get some ideas brewing. (On a side note, one of my favourite durable flooring choices that I hope to be able to use in the basement of the addition my husband (teeheehee) and I want to put on our house is coin pattern rubber flooring like this).

***Larry, Kristen’s husband, created a poll to see which floor our readers like best – so vote HERE!

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KiM says:

Maura, thanks for trying to burst my bubble. You’re probably right, but that’s what they have vacuums for right? 🙂

Larry – LOL! I voted. 🙂

Maura says:

LOL! Oh no! I didn’t mean to spoil your idea! Sorry if I gave that impression.

As I said, my experience is based on local weather characteristics where a vacuum alone is not enough and one needs to wash the damn floor. 🙂

KiM says:

LOL!!! I was kidding (sort of).
(You can imagine how much cleaning needs to happen in a house with 8 cats…)

lindsey says:

i'm loving those stairs in the shoot factory home!

Ypille says:

Thank you 2x for this post — we are trying to decide between tiles or hardwood to change the look of the floors and this will really help me with ruling out or deciding on tiles.

etoile says:

Mmmm…. Not sure where you leave but a heated ceramic floor feels very good. Unheated ceramic floors are quite cold. White or black ceramic floors look dirty very easily. Good luck!

lojo says:

We have had two floods in our basement in the last 6 years… we changed our flooring to an epoxy garage floor paint from Rustoleum after the first flood. It was easy to do, looks nice and when the second flood hit- easy to clean and withstood both the flood and the professional clean up…..

Justine says:

This is fabulous; thank you! I’ve recently conceded that "hardwood throughout" is just not practical in some spaces, and am looking for good tile inspiration to add to our plans for building a house!

Sammy says:

I agree with etoile – make sure you get heating if you can afford it 🙂

Charlie B. says:

Some nice stuff here. I live in Germany, where tiled floors are really common (come to think of it…). I was looking at a flooring project by a pair of Barcelona-based artists recently, which I found beautiful: Trying now to figure out how to recreate their effect… Any tips from veteran DIYers would be appreciated! Cheers, Chuck.

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