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Posted on Fri, 13 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo

Two Polish homes today! (Don’t you love visiting other countries?) First up Barbara, a student, sent us photos of her room. It’s a great example of stylish DIY on a strict student’s budget. Easy to see why Barabara’s space is so cute. Just check out the lovely jewellery she makes (in this same small room) on her blog Bibelot.


Our second reader’s room today is from Monika who shares her home with her pets… just not your usual pets. I’ll let her explain. “It’s a pretty hard job to make the house/room where you have lots of animals look good. Of course I’m not talking about dogs breeders but about rodents. Lots of cages and stuff everywhere. I am a happy gerbils breeder, there are about 30 gerbils, just in 12m2 and I hate when house is a mess because of it. That’s why I decided to build some cages for my rodents using IKEA and a little bit of imagination.” Monika I think it’s brilliant! I want to come back in my next life as one of your gerbils. This is such a clever idea for kids’ rooms. Rodents, insects, snakes, lizards. See – things that make you go eeeeekkk can be stylish too!


Holly says:

Can we buy her jewelry in the USA? It's gorgeous!

mon says:

i also like the jewelery, do you have any contact to barbara? i'm also from poland so maybe i'll be able to order some.
love those self-restored cabinets – they look really good.

and as a owner of a second room, i'm not saying anything about it. thanks jo, that you posted here my photos, it's and honor 😉

Marta says:

go POLAND! ; )

Rae says:

Those cages are amazing! I am so stealing the wall one idea.What IKEA is it? Is the tower IKEA?

Donna says:

I love that first room. The student one. Just goes to show what you can do with paint and paper and a little bit of style when the budget is super low. The gerbil room makes my quiver. All those crawly furry rodents …..eeekk is right 🙂 Good job though.

Mathew says:

IKEA is shop

barbara says:

contact to me : 🙂 we can meet in Cracov 🙂

i can sent jewelery to USA but i'm affraid that shipping cost are to high 🙂

mon says:

this ikea wall-shelf is UDDEN 🙂 and the tower one is a little bit of Ikea's LACK stand and chop boards.

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