Les Interieurs

Posted on Wed, 18 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo

Pamela Makin has read my mind. How else would she know what I’d like in my beachside home? Hang that. How else would she know what I’d like in my home fullstop? The tribal artifacts, the smooth concrete floors, large striking artwork, views forever and natural textures including beautiful aged timbers teamed with cottons and linens. Les Interieurs is both Pamela’s interior design service and her Palm Beach, NSW store filled with one off pieces sourced from Africa, Thailand, Cambodia and India. Stunning interiors to match the breathtaking views. Sigh.

Stacey says:

Such a visual feast! I love everything!

I absolutely want to live there!

topaz says:

So elegant, yet comfortable. The first image, especially, knocks me out. A great mix of textures that makes me want to run my hands over everything (as well as sit, sleep and LIVE there).

denise says:

very nice indeed.

lea says:

In love with that bedroom and bathroom. I agree with Shilo – it must be fun to be rich.

Rachael says:

That wood hanging feature piece of the bath!! Gorgeous!!!!

DaNa says:

Really lovely – I love the masks and artwork, but as someone who's lived in Africa I can't stand to see the skinned Zebra lying on the leather couch.

sqftfarm says:

These are all so lovely, but I always wonder are all these people nudists? I rarely see dressers and often not even closets. Perhaps this is why my house does not look like this, I have clothes and stuff and must have pieces to house them.

aleja says:

absolutly bautifull and peacefull

francine gardner says:

As i was googling to see if our newly relaunched website INTERIEURS.COM came up as first rank, I fell upon your post on Les Interieurs! Almost same name and such a common sensitivity, i noticed we carry some of the same pieces….Great design firm and taste!

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