John Willey

Posted on Wed, 22 Sep 2010 by KiM

As I mentionned back in a post in ’08, Manhattan interior designer John Willey is an inspiration for those who believe that beige is a colour. Because he certainly does NOT. His spaces are wrapped in bold colour and pattern and give off lots of fun energy. He’s a genius, what can I say. Here are some newer photos from his portfolio.

Tonia says:

I like all of it. My favorite piece would be the chair of the mongolian hair trim.

nrw says:

Finally rooms without white walls (which can be lovely, mind you)! Ahhh some unexpected color combinations and bold use of wallpapers that work!

Oh I just LOVE that you are posting John Willey!!! he ROCKS and is just a ball of energy and vision!!!!!

gretel says:

I'm in love.

Habibies says:

Dreamy Room i like it 🙂

kris says:

Oh my gosh, all those splashes of colour! I'm in love! Wish i could live in this house …. never a 'dull' moment.

Johanna says:

I follow your blog on google-reader and rarely comment, but I just had to say I LOVE this post. Such clever, harmonious use of bold color–especially smitten with that bedroom, those little retro touches that don't feel dated in the least.

Neetu says:

I love reading your blog. Would anyone know where I could find that gorgeous blue rug?? Desperately looking!!!

Thank You.

ASEEL says:


This is too much. Wherever you go you must take care not to capsizing something. Too many decorative elements.

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