Malcolm Patterson

Posted on Wed, 13 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

Malcolm Patterson designer, stylist, producer and owner of this fab pad! You may know him from photo shoots he has styled for magazines such as Style at Home but more likely you’ve seen his work on HGTV where he was Senior Stylist of Pure Design starring Samantha Pynn. This is the home he shares with his partner that appeared in Style at Home earlier this year. Your can find out more about what he did and why he did it on his blog where you’ll find a walk through he did for Cityline.

I love this order and disorder combination. The neat rooms together with elements that are disordered. Beautiful.

denise says:

like the exposed brick wall…and the kitchen looks OK…the rest, mmmmmmm?

Georgia says:

I'm LOVING all the grey tones in these photos. This is what I'm looking at for our new 1850's french style Vermont house. Maybe a bit lighter, but I love the look of tonal greys.

Sing says:

Love these clean spaces.

Yani @ says:

There is a fantastic sense of manipulated equilibrium that envelops this home. Seeming to play with gravity, it juggles with simple lines, practicality and fragility. I love it!

axio99 says:

he must really love rugs! However don't understand the mirror in the kitchen.

oregonbird says:

Oh, this is more like it! I love the playful sense of line, and the way its imposed over more organic shapes. The abrupt switched from dark to light to define space is also very playful, in a masculine way. Very cool indeed.

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