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Posted on Sun, 24 Oct 2010 by KiM

I’m sill trying to figure out what to do on Sundays. Jo and I were talking and we’re thinking about starting to treat weekends a bit more casually, where we would post if we felt like it and had time, and post whatever we want. I was hoping to post photos of the BEEOOOTIFUL hardwood floors my husband and I installed in our bedroom on Friday, but since we had leftover wood today we decided to do the hallway. We still have to install the baseboards so I’d rather wait and take photos when it’s more of a final product. Soooo, today I thought I’d try a post of photos that peaked my interest in the past week or so from random blogs I visited. Enjoy your Sunday!

via poppytalk
via Remodelista
via Solid frog
via Sugar and Spice
via Design Crisis
via Mod Nest
via Mochatini
via interiors porn
via Bloesem
via House of Turquoise
via If The Lamp Shade Fits
via Little Bits of Lovely
via pia jane bijkerk
via 79 Ideas
via My Favourite and My Best

Lin says:

I think I missed something . . . butterfly fabric? On chairs?

It's good to kick back a bit on weekends, otherwise there's a danger of making a pain of a pleasure, as my granny used to say. Great set of photos though – I love the 'slipped' yellow rectangle, clever way to make weird pipes etc look witty.
Do people with white floors wash their feet all the time, or wear socks, or just levitate? I need to know.

Mandy says:

What a great selection ….. love that empty kitchen space, what a wonderful blank canvas !!!

Hilary says:

That image via Design Crisis is simply wow! The colors and cushions on the floor are the best.
Luv the striped window seat pic also.

i love the white bedroom..thank you dude nice post

Steffi says:

I love inspiration posts!


Sing says:

That blue office, love it. Looks like working on the ocean.

Sugar says:

Thanks for linking to my blog!! I am beyond flattered since I always link back to you!

Love the first picture – InouI Design Collective is a truly beautiful studio in the Victoria BC – I can definitely see Kyla and Amber going places. They take risks and they are original which we lack a lot of in our local community. They are not just talented they are the nicest gurls in the hood 🙂

Sarah says:

The plates on the wall are just devine! Thanks for sharing

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