Can never get enough of … Graham Atkin-Hughes

Posted on Mon, 25 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

New week new inspiration. After featuring Graham Atkin-Hughes location house last week it’s time to dig into his portfolio. Kim and I have both sung his praises before but his website is jammed with juicy interiors, many more than our last visit. Think some of your favourite blog photos and chances are Graham is the snapper behind the lens. Nick Olsen’s red lacquer pad, Rita Konig’s home, Abigail Ahern and The Brooklyn Home Company’s fabulous white dream of a house. Graham is the photographer that brought those rooms to life through his lens. His work is one moment moody and intimate and at others exuberant and in your face. How sexy is the OTT bohemian vintage home with the touches of red? Clutter yes but never boring! One of my favourite photographers!










Mia says:

Lovely monday inspiration! Have a great new week!

Jeff says:

We live in a 1790 stone house with an 1850 addition and have been struggling to fine-tune kitchen and bath renovations. This is the post we've been waiting for. Wonderful inspiration. Time for the sledge hammers!

Åsa says:

Check out this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now for sale:

T.A. says:

OMG! This is the bathroom I've been wanting. I NEED more pictures of the bathroom!!! It's truly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!!

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