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Posted on Sat, 6 Nov 2010 by midcenturyjo

… yet!

Settlement on my new old house was 3pm yesterday. At 9 in the morning the bank called to say they needed more paperwork. I’ll keep the story short. Running around, visits to our solicitor (more money), running to the bank and our end was finished by lunch for paperwork the bank had accepted 2 weeks earlier and had raised no concerns until 5 hours before crunch time. Wonderful said the bank as we dropped in said vital paperwork. Keys were to be dropped at my husband’s office in our new city after settlement. We would pick them up this morning. I sent an email to Kim whinging but happy it was all finished and settled in with a stiff drink. Then the voicemail on our mobile phone. After end of business trading. No keys until Monday because settlement was late! The bank was late! And we didn’t find out until after everyone had gone home for the weekend. Buying a house, don’t you love it! Thank goodness we hadn’t booked the removalists until next weekend. So here is my “missed it by that much” reading list. Enjoy! Oh and Kim, you can see what I got up to here… or should that be hear 😉











Sorry about the mess ups with the house- all will work out in the end though and I'm sure it wil be well worth the wait:) Super list! I love Little Blue Deer and Parlour and am making my way through the news ones- great way to spend the weeekend!! xo

What a nightmare, those things never go smoothly. Thank you so much for the mention, ladies. Good luck with the move!

La Boheme says:

Good luck with everything! It will be all worth it.
Thank you very much for including La Boheme on your list! How unexpected so thank you. Can't wait to read the rest of your suggestions. xoxo

Kelsi says:

I heart Parlour. =)

Melanie says:

You poor thing! How frustrating!

Fingers crossed everything else goes well…

Thank You for mentioning my blog. I am very honored!

Sammy says:

What is it with banks? Scorching interest rates, record profits and slack customer service seem to go hand in hand.
It'll be worth the wait though 🙂

Sammy says:

Oh yes and your reading lists are terrible. Before I know it hours have slipped by and I've added at least 6 to my favourites. Thanks. No really ….. 🙂

kate says:

thanks so much for featuring my blog Jo! I'll have to check out the others, so many lovely blogs out there! 🙂

Nick Shah says:

Thanks for sharing.

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