Reader request – bedskirt?

Posted on Thu, 11 Nov 2010 by KiM

Today’s reader request comes from Kelley: “We are moving out of a queen size bed and purchasing a king. With this comes an entire slew of new purchases including a bed frame/headboard and bedding. I have always had a bed that needed a bedskirt but thinking maybe no skirt is more modern. Not into platform beds but thinking more along the lines of the Colette bed and Crate and Barrel. Can you share photos of cool beds with and with out skirts. need some visuals to make a decision.” I am not gonna lie – I generally REALLY dislike bedskirts. IMHO if you want to stay as far away from modern as possible, stick a bedskirt on your bed. A super ruffly one. In a floral pattern. With pastel colours. Put a teddy bear against the 8 pillows and you’re all set. (LOL)
For those of you unfamiliar with the Colette bed from C&B, here it is:

It definitively has a comtemporary feel and NOTICE IT IS NOT STYLED WITH A BEDSKIRT. 🙂 With that lovely upholstered frame with the mattress inset a couple inches, I don’t think a bedskirt would really work anyhow. I think having everything tucked in as in the photo works really well or if you’re kind of lazy like I am I would not fuss with tucking so much at the bottom but have a throw that drapes down and covers that area.
To be fair and at the request of Kelley, I did select a small number of photos that showcase beds with bedskirts that I think look…ok. I also pulled a ton of photos with beds without bedskirts, and most of which are similar in style to this bed (after the jump). Hope this helps your decision-making Kelley!       (NOOOOO BEDSKIRT!!!!!!!!)

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Rodolphe Foucher
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Amanda Nisbet Laurence Pasquier

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Amanda Nisbet source unknown
Marie Claire Italy Alexandra Rowley

ltvu says:

To Polish Chick,

I tuck in my sheets because it takes 5 min, looks classy, and clean. You won't bust your shin if you have a midcentury Case Study platform bed.

ann in LA says:

i've gone with and without. right now, i'm in a sort spare of transitional, bare-bones place and the bedskirt (plus fluffy comforters) somehow softens things a little and makes life seem a little less difficult. i don't ever store anything under the bed — too much opportunity for lint. next real bed i get will be a high platform with no bedskirt, nothing underneath except the occasional dog toy. west elm has some great, simple and well made beds, btw.

off topic but i have to comment: the lamp in the green room from living etc kinda says "dentist". i would find it impossible to sleep with that mounted on the wall above my head!

ashash says:

While reading this post I though of course this is a no brainer – skirts are horrible… But after looking at all the photos I really think I do prefer them! The platforms you included look horrible with a big gap under them.
I have a no skirt bed, but I have a suuuper big doona which almost hits the floor which I think looks nicer than a big black gap..

oregonbird says:

I'm reading through the comments, heading here, planning on being incisive, but all I can think now is, who worries about the dated look of a bedskirt when there are SCORPIONS loose in the freaking house!

Lisa says:

I don't really love a bed skirt either but some of the ones here are FAB. It does seem as though many of the platform beds are ripe for busted shins.

Lin says:

Agree about the scorpions! Was once stung by one hiding in my boot. Nasty, nasty, nasty!

Georgia says:

Oh I hate bed skirts too- in the past when I've had beds like that I tend to just put an extra fitted sheet over the bottom mattress. Although…they are good when you need to hide the kids' Christmas presents under the bed…

Suzanne says:

Why does a bed have to be kept off the ground (besides for scorpion avoidance)?

hejira33 says:

I don't care what anyone says, I have seen plenty of great rooms tastefully done with bedskirts, even ruffled ones, so I'll be the lone voice: bedskirts rock!

Michelle Gordon says:

What a great collection of interesting beds. I mostly liked the view on picture 4 from the top. Amazing.

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