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Posted on Thu, 18 Nov 2010 by KiM

Today’s reader request comes from Sandy: “Now I have the following “problem”: I’m about to move into my first own flat and am searching desperately for an (affordable) ceiling but modern lamp. The furniture is at the moment made from pine in the natural color but I will eventually glaze it white and add some stylish accessories so that it will turn into french style with some modern pieces (side table, chairs, lamps). So the lamps should be modern (60ies), unfortunately I have only found verner panton to be likable and out of production or affordability. Do you have some pics or ideas of studio flats with ceiling lights, which are modern, that you could share?” Sandy’s request is a tad specific, so I searched through my photo stash and found some photos of some pendants that I think look fantastic, and many of which could either be DIY projects or purchased fairly inexpensively, and aren’t necessarily 60s era (why limit yourself?). I really do think if there is a really tight budget that this is a PERFECT opportunity for a DIY. For example, check Ikea as they always have the best lighting – but maybe think outside the box a bit in that case so your choice is not the same as a zillion other people with the same light fixture. Tomorrow I will be posting a reader’s home where she created a pendant light out of several Ikea fixtures wired together. Or perhaps check out your local thrift store for a lampshade, where you can rip off the fabric and just have the “cage” hanging. (I have done that recently to a lampshade I bought for a few bucks at Habitat for Humanity, and plan to hang it on one side of my sofa). Or there is this gorgeous DIY light project that Grace blogged yesterday:

I’d also suggest checking out Etsy because I am always on the hunt for funky lighting and they have TONS of handmade light fixtures at great prices. But first, some inspiration for you Sandy, that I think will give you lots of ideas for your dilemma.

Hus & Hem Rachael Smith
design*sponge design*sponge
Susanna Zacke Simon Brown
design*sponge Hus & Hem
Mad og Bolig Schappacher White
Bolig Magasinet Hus & Hem

Light Locations
Happy Homes
Jordi Canosa
Living Etc.

I was blown away by how pricey light fixtures can get, and as a result of that I scout for them all the time at ReStores and other thrift stores. I look to repaint or re-wire. I have been able to pick out a few MCM pieces (but have not hang them up yet) and a bunch of other different styles.

marina says:

i know this one isnt the cheapest fixture but its amazing and intricate. by Patrick Townsend Orbit Chandelier its available in black for 400$

love the post, love modern edgy chandeliers and just got a Torch with 20 lamps from established and sons… aaaa

So many fabulous choices…thinking I need to redo several rooms to encompass 2 or 3 of these stunning light fixtures!!

anci slovak says:

Consider a Phrena Pendant Light. Beautiful, affordable, accessible.

Sandy says:

Thank you so much for your suggestions, I'll ponder them and see what I can do. I actually have an idea for my "dining" table, but since I don't even have the table yet…

I totally like Alvhem und Simon Brown. At the moment I have ikea Fillsta hanging, for having some light, but I need to change the bulb. Halogen is really ugly light.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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