I just sacked the painters

Posted on Fri, 10 Dec 2010 by midcenturyjo

My 150 year old floor is ruined. There is paint spilled everywhere. The job is as dodgy as all get out and I have a massive weekend of cleaning ahead of me. And this is just one room I’m talking about. I have saved the rest of the house! Please forgive me if I post another stalking house. I find this one calming. So lovely. So restful. So beautifully painted 😉 Wish me luck. I’m heading back upstairs with a bottle of wine and a paint scraper to rescue what is left of the once beautiful patina on my cedar floors. Link for this lovely house here while it lasts.


lynn says:

oh no! the floor! I have a tip to help with the paint though…. the acetone in nail polish remover dissolves all sorts of paint. I worked at a paint factory for a bit and that was one of our clean up tools. Give it a shot- if it doesnt work completely it might help loosen the paint to scrape off a bit easier.

Sugar says:

oh nos. But that house is amazingness. So jealous of whom ever lives there.

Michelle says:

Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear about your floors.

Savour the wine and know there are folks out there who support you — and, hey, some commenters here might even have a solution to save those beauties!

I've got my fingers crossed for you.

midcenturyjo says:

Thanks everyone! I'm still cleaning and after the floors come the windows particularly the stained glass transom window they oversprayed. I have photos I'll put up later on my page. The problem with the floors is that they have been shellaced a long time ago and these morons started to clean off the spots with methylated spirits and scrapers and now I have lighter coloured big splotches everywhere. They spray painted my room without proper drop cloths or masking off so the floors were covered in paint spots everywhere and a fine mist of white paint which they tried to wipe off and that turned into a "whitewash" all over the floor. Then they used the metho and scraper and now f*cked floors which they said they would repair by varnishing. It was at that stage I screamed at them to get out 🙂 I need to keep cleaning carefully then somehow match a shellac to put over the splotches maybe. Can I put a dark stain base in a shellac does anyone know? All their wiping and scraping has ruined that thick old waxy feel they had but I can maybe get that back over time.

Ypille says:

Bless your heart! hope it just turns out ok in the end. I mostly just DIY my paintings with people I trust. Bon Chance!

ElvisFan says:

Never heard of painters spraying walls?!? Why didn't they use rollers? I think you should leave the floors until you get all the painting done and then hire a wood floor sander and strip back all the floors and re-seal with high grade challac sealer…

You might discover some real character under all that old challac. Good luck. Wish I could help

lea says:

I thought most painters had heard of 'drop sheets'. These guys must have been real dodgy brothers. I really hope you can resurrect.

Heidi says:

Oh no! This reminds us to always protect our floors before starting to paint.

Desire to Inspire says:

These guys did use drop sheets just not enough or thick enough. They spilled so much paint that the sheets were wet with it when I got home. Most had been dumped along the edges of the room. I removed them quick smart before taking the photos to avoid more damage.

We have started the process of pursuing compensation. It will take time though. – Jo

Mark says:

it was a pleasant surprise to find our house on your blog, check it out in the january edition of australian 'Country Style'

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