Some favourite vignettes of 2010

Posted on Thu, 6 Jan 2011 by KiM

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Leigha says:

The fifth picture stopped me dead in my tracks! Gorgeous.

Off to explore that vignette.


Jane says:

the second pic is cool and so is the one before the last one

I'd like to settle into that second photo with a good read – and how clever is number four? Great collection of photos, Kim!

Andrea says:

Yes! Yes Yes Yes Yes and YES. I completely agree, with only two exceptions. The overly black and white ones. The super brash contrast is not my thing. The others however – yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!

Julia says:

'Like' doesn't come close to what I think of this blog!

Jessica says:

I love all it! I can picture myself in all of these rooms! Well done!

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