Dianna Snape and the art of architectural photography

Posted on Fri, 7 Jan 2011 by midcenturyjo

Ever notice the difference between editorial photography and architectural photography? One conveys a story, the other an idea. The first is often styled and “contrived”, a set, make believe. A room is tweaked and tarted to fit a storyline or an editor’s vison. Architectural photography is a showcase. It tells the truth and trumpets the details of a designer’s work. It concentrates on the big picture as well as the intricacies. Dianna Snape is one of this country’s best architectural photographers. She takes the designer’s creation and captures it for posterity, to educate and inspire. The rooms are beautiful in both but photographers like Dianna understand the architect’s vision and her images are records of the beauty, as important as plans and elevations.









Tong says:

LOVE these photos. very inspirational indeed. Thanks!

Jane says:

the bathroom is awesome!

ZERO34 says:

that bath is indeed killer, as for the rest of the bathroom, leaves a lot to be desired personally.

And as for the spade.. gives it a "we can use this to stir the bath" feel. hahaha

Eva says:

Is that wallpaper in the first and last photos? Whatever it is, it looks really nice!
I had to laugh at the bowling "alley" in the home!

oregonbird says:

There have been photographers displayed that I just did not get. But I agree with every word you say about this work – architects must be begging Ms. Snape to work for them. Has anyone mentioned… never mind.

I love the plants growing around the large flagstones… in the gloaming. Truly excellent photographer.

Alcatraz says:

Wow, these pictures really tell a story. I can almost smell the aroma of coriander coming from the kitchen.

Fabulous work.

Sara says:

MMM- i love the photos and think the rooms are incredible. I just feel compelled to comment on your text about editorial photography being contrived- I think this is a harsh word to describe the very images that make our hearts race and our blogs work! Great post including some "un-contrived" images 🙂

polish chick says:


Desire to Inspire says:

Thank you Frank. The error has been corrected.

top says:

greqt images, beautiful bath! any idea where I can find it? (brand, model…..?)

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