Reader request – kitchens with fireplaces

Posted on Fri, 14 Jan 2011 by KiM

Stacey sent us in a reader request I wanted to tackle today and while it’s quite brief, I found it intriguing: “Hi! I’m not sure if you’ve done this one, but I’d love to see kitchen fireplaces…..thanks!” Easy enough request, but I immediately began to wonder how many photos I’d find of kitchens with fireplaces. I think it’s a bit odd to have a fireplace in a kitchen, which tends to be one of the warmest rooms in the house (if you cook that is). Although the more photos I found in my stash the more I thought how fab it would be to have a fireplace to make a kitchen even cosier. I’m sold!

Marie Claire Italy Sköna hem
Domino Sköna hem
Per Magnus Persson Adriano Bacchella
Sköna hem Hus & Hem

Elle Deco Spain


Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Tracey Butler

Hus & Hem

Michael Robinson

Skelton Harris Interiors

The Selby

Tim Clinch

Hus & Hem

House of Pictures

Marie Claire Maison

Andrea says:

hhmm, yes, i'd like to order either Adriano's or Skona Hem's please. Either one will do. Lovely. Perfect for when we one day can afford to punch a hole in the wall, build a new kitchen, and build a fireplace into it!

Duchy says:

That Tim Clinch photo is simply divine. It looks like it's waiting for the party to come back from the hunt with the dogs!

Brigit says:

Here's my kitchen, with fireplace. I designed it specifically so that I could cook in the fireplace, based on an wonderful book called The Magic of Fire. It was an amazing entertaining focus! Of course, in the summer (this was in New England) I yearned instead for more counter space, but you can't have everything. Given the chance to do it again, I would not have a fireplace in the kitchen unless it was REALLY a huge space, ie not likely. But when it was on, and full of pork sizzling amid the flames…..absolute heaven.
Great design site, thanks! I'll be back!

Karin says:


Gosh, I just saved my 333:rd picture from this wonderfoul blog in my "inspiration"-folder.
Best. Blog. EVER!

Julie Nichols says:

I love your web-site my mouth dropped when saw Kitchens with fireplaces. I have one in my house and just bought a new chair to put by the fireplace. I have always wanted to see what other people do to decorate their kitchens with fireplaces, but I could never find any on line. WOW!! My inspiration.Thanks

Jodi says:

I have an old Canberra Cooker in my kitchen, my house was built in 1925. In Winter I get the cooker cranking, not only does it heat half the house but it bakes an awesome batch of scones!!! 😉

Lady M says:

Thanks. really liked the all white kitchens !!!!!

Michelle says:

A fireplace can help make a modern kitchen feel so warm and cheerful! Especially love the giant column fireplace from Hus & Hem. So lovely.

Silje says:

I see that you have posted a lot of pics. from Sweden. It's quite normal to have a fireplace in the kitchen in Scandinavia, it's so cold here in the winter! 😉 My parents used to have an old one (just like this in their kitchen back home in Norway, but they threw it out a few years ago. I still miss it!
Love DTI, it's my favourite blog.

plumbing says:

Everyone dreams to have the picture-perfect home with a beautiful fireplace in every room, especially when wintery days are almost knocking at our door. But don't feel blue if you don't happen to have that fireplace that you've been longing for.

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