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Posted on Fri, 21 Jan 2011 by KiM

This week’s reader request comes from Jessica: My husband and I have a ton of art. Not any fancy-pants stuff, but a lot of small and medium sized things, mostly framed, that we’ve picked up on our way through life. My problem is this: We have more than I want to hang at any given time, but I don’t want to just store the extras and forget about them. I really love the look of art leaned against walls, on shelves, etc. but I can’t convince him that it would look good without examples. Could you help me find inspiration photos of art, beautifully displayed, leaning against walls or on shelves? I love “leaning” art – it’s a great versatile solution for people like me who get visually bored very quickly and saves your walls (especially handy for renters!), plus I love the casual feel it gives. So here are some photos of art not hung on walls in the traditional, expected fashion.

rue magazine Richard Powers
Lonny Sköna hem
New York Social Diary Ron Marvin
AT Casa Lucas Allen
AT Casa Marie Claire Italy
design*sponge Jacob Termansen
design*sponge Rinat Lavi


Glenn Gissler

Living Etc.


Todd Yoggy

Sköna hem


Phoebe Howard


Traditional Home

Or if you happen to have a spare, unused staircase…

Pieter Estersohn

Love the second image, from Donna Karans home isn't it. Such a great style!!

laura says:

great post. glad you included so many pics from Vicente Wolf's homes. his art collection is amazing…

Leone says:

Hubba hubba! Truly brilliant post.

Reader request: I would love to see inspirational pictures of spaces where functions are cleverly and practically hidden behind sliding doors. And these places can be anything: kitchen, working area, utility room etc.

Me and my husband-to-be are living in a 80's house and our goal is to renovate it into a huge big space, almost like a loft. Aim is to make it look as simplistic as possible and I've fell in love with the idea of sliding doors (where all the mess can be hidden when feeling lazy or having surprise visitors).

Thank you!

sarah says:

Amazing. I love the collections of frames, photos and art and how each room displays the pieces uniquely. thanks for sharing! I needed a little inspiration for my home!

Carol says:

Wonderful examples of ways to use ''leaning art ." Imagine having an entire staircase for this ! The chair examples could be the most readily availabe if shelves and bookcases are not an option. Great ideas. fantastic photos. Easels could also be a good solution".

I will be back for more .

Sarah says:

Thanks for this beautiful post, both inspiring and instructional! I love the artworks piled on desks and I adore the frames on the chairs also

Charlotte says:

Gorgeous! Be warned though – I used to have a huge picture on top of my bookcase. I knocked it off and it nearly landed on and scratched my rather expensive Apple cinema display! But then – silly me – I knocked it off again!

Now I only keep unframed pictures above my desk – cardboard is a lot lighter than a metal frame!

T.M. says:

I'd do everything here if I could! Thanks for all the great ideas.

Ann says:

I have a large framed piece of art that looks nice leaning on the fireplace mantel, but I am nervous about it falling. What could I do to assure it wouldn't slide?

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