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Seriously cool design by Serbian architectural firm Sinestezia. Clever storage, sexy room dividers and a clean modern palette. Ideas to steal here readers. A family home that adapts and changes to this young family’s needs. Love it!




Sarah says:

I really love this space; so architectural and creative.

Kris says:

I always have a thing for white interior, and this house is definitely one that i like. Specks of colour dotting the rooms really adds interest to the space. Especially the ceiling, i love the ceiling, so 3-dimensional …

Tom says:

Looks a little sloppy to me.
These pics make me dizzy and feel that I should tell the owner to pick up their computer equipment off the floor and hide those cords.

Danielle says:

Gorgeous space! I really like the curtain, but definitely not needed. Although, must make it feel more cozy sitting around having dinner when it's closed. And I really like the bookshelves as streamlined and chic!

Very cool modern space. Love the creative storage solutions!

Maya says:

My husband and me are reading this post and smiling! Because, we have a very similar dining area solution – a white (Lack) shelf above the dining table, just like in the picture number 4, and I am a Serbian also, hehe! It must be in the DNA, eh?
Lovely post, as usual.
Regards from a faithful reader!

Liz says:

Love the modern design of this space! Thanks for posting 🙂

Jess says:

Where do you find such a gorgeous, colorful world map?!

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