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Posted on Wed, 9 Feb 2011 by KiM

I’ve been dealing with a massive headache for about 12 hours now and I’m not sure what or who to blame it on – perhaps the 20 degree celsius drop in temperature overnight, or the 3 times I flew out of bed in the middle of the night at the sounds of a cat barfing (each time a different cat). All this to say I have little motivation for blogging at the moment but I pushed through my misery to put together a selection of photos from this website that in a previous post I refered to as the Brazilian Selby. Enjoy. (And no need to feel sorry for me – I did arrive home to find a little package in the mail which made me feel better).


bucky says:

A little package in the mail sure beats another little package on the floor! Thanks again for everything. xo

Ash says:

Oh, I believe you got the term right – Brazilian Selby it is! Beautiful work! I love the mix of ethnic and modern, with the little eclectic splashes. So sorry for your headache – from flying out of bed, you sound like me when my Dorian is up to no good. Why do cats like to play when you are ready to sleep? I don't envy you though – I think I'm happier if I just have to clap at him than get out of bed to clean up after him 😀

So glad you could get the post together!

Deborah says:

How timely your Brazilian post is!! We're pretty excited but after looking at these gorgeous photos we're REALLY wound up! We're going to ABIMAD, the contemporary design fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil next week!! Will take a couple of days too to walk around the city looking for good furniture designers – sounds weird but that's the way we usually find our suppliers. Will report back to you when we return. D&D, Green Light District Design, Ottawa

Deborah says:

They say a shot (or double shot) of espresso can help a headache. Hope you feel better soon! Deborah, Green Light District Design, Ottawa

KiM says:

Oooohhhh Deborah – TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! (LOL)

I love the use of natural woods and the eclectic / lived in feel. Right up my alley!

Diana says:

you get out of bed when your cat barfs?
not me.
I'll clean it up in the morning…

rob says:

I love you rblog but would be much better if you weren't complaining about something every second post.

KiM says:

rob, that is complete BS but thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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