Franco’s apartment

Posted on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 by KiM

We’ve gotten a few reader emails lately with some interior design projects that I wanted to share so I thought I’d feature them all today. This first one comes from Franco. He is a brand manager in São Paulo and wanted to share his new apartment with us. It’s actually more like a little peek, but I think the photography is superb so without further ado, welcome to Franco’s Brazilian pad.

Thank you Kim. I appreciate the attention. I hope people enjoy the photos.

Ludmila Moreira says:

A place is more than about furniture and design, it's about the soul who lives there.

Ben Williams says:

Nice apartment and photography indeed.

ED says:

I agree with Lud. Those phtos show us a lovely and peaceful place! luv it! Cosy! 😉

Franco –

I think it looks great. I think there is an art to mastering the vignette, and you have done it. You're a great photographer. Judging by the comments on the post about my work, I could learn a few things from you 🙂 Congrats – I think it looks good.

Full marks for retaining the parquet flooring, it looks really nice. All in all, a nice blend of contemporary with a bit of retro.

H.Ru says:

I enjoy this style of photography and the style it depicts. It's like being in on the joke. I recognize all of his furnishings even if it's just a corner or a leg because Mr. Franco's pad contains iconic mid-century modern pieces…there is a lot of Eames, Herman Miller designs, etc. These vignettes aren't meant to be catalog photos…you have lots of retailer websites for that type of commercial photography. These furnishings show you what he's curating in his collection. The personal items show you something of the person…he seems like a creative person who loves Apple. ;-P

janini says:

I'm fell so happy to see a brazilian home in this page! congratulations for the pictures, very nice… i'm just sorry by the home dont have the brazilian colorful and happy soul…

Ali says:

I agree with Tom… theshoes, the iphone and the laptop twice!

amourette says:

i love his place!

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