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Posted on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 by KiM

I typically LIVE for the weekends. During the week between the day job, blog, cooking dinners, tending to the cat herd etc. I get hardly any chill out time. On weekends I manage to squeeze some in between running errands and house chores….but I am dreading this weekend. I have to get my hair cut/coloured, dig out my summer clothes from the dungeon basement, decide what I’m bringing on my trip south (we leave next Saturday), stock up some blog posts, cut 140 cat nails…. Unfortunate plans but hey, at least at the end of it there’s a beach and lots of sangria. (Hope you’ve got a more interesting weekend planned than mine). The photos below from the portfolio of photographer Pierre Wester are just what I need right now – some eye candy to take my mind off of my TO DO lists. (I’d love a holiday in the cabin-esque home in the first few photos).



Tom says:

They all look fresh and clean.

"cut 140 cat nails…. " that sounds dangerous.

zach says:

what a post! though much for cabin like than the last set of picture (i don't know if its a fair comparison) but these spaces really communicate invitation without excessive stuff, wonderful!

Andrea says:

Fellow cat owner – I need your advice. How does one cut cat nails, and how does one stop said cats from shredding the arms of couches and armchairs, and turning a kilim into a carpet.

KiM says:

I often hear that with puppies and kittens you should play with their paws alot so they get used to it and will allow you to clip their nails. Now, most of my cats were rescued so I wasn't around when they were really young. We have a system. My husband grabs a cat and sits down and grabs on to a leg and I start clipping. Most of them don't really like it but we do it at least bi-weekly and they know it's gonna happen and I will cut every single one of their freaking nails whether they like it or not. No cat gets to live it up here in kitty heaven without getting their nails cut. PERIOD. We get a bit of squirming but with a few harsh no's and "STOP", they mostly sit there and take it. Oddly enough not one of my 7 cats scratches any of my furniture. If they ever tried, I screamed my bloody head off and I think it scared them straight. 🙂 (I'm not kidding – I don't take too well to having my furniture destroyed…although looking around, I don't have any upholstered armchairs nor do I have a couch with arms. LOL I do have a kilim and they never touched that. I think they knew it was mommy's favourite item in the house.)

topaz says:

Love those wood interior walls, LOVE them! Also, a fabulous exterior, which I am very jealous of. Sigh. Oh, and cat nails…I only have one cat and it's a trial. He sits with his back to me for a LONG time after we trim.

Suzanne says:

Beautiful images, gorgeous homes

I'd love to spend some time in the homes in the top photos as well! I love that attic shot.

Seema says:

True..To do list never ends.
Have a fun trip and relax. it's precious

Photographs are gorgeous and really loved to see such wonderful homes.

Jelle says:

Nice house. I love the furnitures, the designs are great, and the colors are pretty.

Eileen says:

Absolutely stunning!

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