Hacienda San Angel – part 3

Posted on Thu, 17 Mar 2011 by KiM

Hope you don’t mind I’ve got some more photos to share with you from my stay at the Hacienda San Angel. These are from random spaces around the hotel, including the chapel which would be such an unbelieveable venue for a wedding. (Oh – for the record, these posts are not some sort of paid advertisement – the owner doesn’t know I am blogging about it. I just loved this place THAT MUCH and am overjoyed that I was able to experience it.)



mudpuppy says:

Man, that place must cost a fortune! I can't imagine how much was spent on carving and santos but it is stunning.

I have loved all three posts of yours…such a stunning place! I love all the chandeliers in today's post…just beautiful..do you have any images of them at night….they must look even more lovely! thanks for sharing, Kim…do stop by my blog to answer a fun question!! xx meenal

sheila says:

I wish I lived in a place that looked like this!

The view of the house with both balconies? Swoon. That is perfection, people, right there!

Heather says:

I was married there this last October! It is more amazing than the photos can even explain. As the sunsets, all the buildings just glow and when the night has fallen, it's so embracing and romantic with all the candles lit and the sound of the fountains. Thanks for posting all these photos and giving credit to Janice for all her work with the animals. Pancho is my favorite too!

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