Reader request – bedside pendant lights

Posted on Fri, 25 Mar 2011 by KiM

Finally – a reader request! It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to do one of these posts (sorry to all those readers who have sent in requests and I haven’t been able to get to them). This week’s request comes from Candice: We are renovating at the moment and my husband has agreed to have bedside pendant lighting in our bedroom, so I was wondering if you had any good examples. I love rice paper lanterns but would probably go for something long and skinny rather than round. I agree that something on the slimmer side looks best but as you’ll see below, there are many options. I love bedside pendant lights as they aren’t really a typical option for that location.


Richard Powers


Living Etc.

House To Home

House To Home

3rd UNCLE design inc

Jay Jeffers

Stacy Zarin-Goldberg


Elle Decor

Amie Weitzman

AT Casa

Dana Wolter

ghislaine viñas


mlk studio design*sponge
Kemble Interiors Eric Striffler
Frédéric Vasseur Maison

neko says:

the first one is a tom dixon 'beat' light.

you can find them here…

the 'sunset' link you used doesn't seem to help in the search.

great blog by the way – browse it daily since i found it.

I love the first one and also the one from living etc. that looks like it is made from scraps of fabric…lovely round-up, Kim..have a great weekend! xx meenal

all great ideas! my fave is the first one. so sculptural and looks like you could also swing from it!

allison says:

Love the pendant lights, but how could you miss Tommi Parzinger's brass lotus lamp?

They are all SO cool but what to do if you want to read in bed (one of our fav things). Deborah, Green Light District Design

interieur says:

I found that one a few days ago :

Natalia says:

It is an interesting option which I have been considering for some time, but will someone confirm if the positioning of light that way can be any conducive to reading in bed? Thanks! Natalia

Kathy says:

The previous owners of my house installed pendant lamps over the bed. Unlike most of these pics, the fixtures hang directly over the pillows (presumably the previous owners wanted to ensure they could read in bed). While they are practical for reading, they are an overall nuisance. The lights cast terribly unflattering shadows on our faces. When I flip on the switch in the morning, I feel as though a spotlight is being shone in my eyes. It's also frustrating to be tied to a particular furniture arrangement.

Harpa says:

I have used a rice paper lantern as a bedside light and loved it:

Jason Light says:

Yeah, it is not a typical option, but it is sure a very good option. It brings different appeal and makes the place classy.

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