Sidsel Z

Posted on Fri, 25 Mar 2011 by midcenturyjo

Interior stylists are jacks (or should that be jills) of all trades. They need imagination, creativity, lashings of DIY nous. Fearless with colour, queens (or should that be kings) of quirky. Not only on trend they often set them but always they create just what their client wants which is always just what we never realised we are craving in our lives, our wardrobes and our homes.  Sidsel Zachariassen of Sidsel Z has that beautiful boho scandi vibe we can’t get enough of at the moment but mixes it up with the saturated colour bursts we have come to expect from Danish styling. Her work is real and personal. I want to curl up on that porch, whip up a cook’s dream in her kitchens and pad across white, white floors in her homes. Nothing is overly precious but always beautiful.





H says:

minus the Pinocchio wall art. =)

Beautiful house, but I'm calling for a boycott of "casually" dropped shoes in interiors photography.

Susan says:

She loves her hot pink kitchen mixer taps, doesn't she? I wonder if those come in Catherineholm orange?

tiny.k says:

Love these! I especially love the wallpaper in the second photo… drool!

Lilly says:

lovely!! And those hot pink faucets are great!! Any idea who makes them?

Karin says:

The pink taps are from here i think, there are other colors as well:

It's the Vola one handle free standing KV1 model

polish chick says:

stunning. truly original.

Dear Girl says:

the whites are a wonderland, can't wait to have our new home…I also think that the pink faucet is funky and the huge black wing chair is wonderful.

peggy says:

I love this home! Is that a pink faucet in the kitchen? Awesome!

adele says:

oh my! do you see the bookshelf on the second picture? i'm the author of the book "wall design" and i'm happy to see it in that image in this cool house 🙂

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