Beach stalking 3

Posted on Wed, 13 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

I promise this is my last beach stalking for the week. Today’s beach home is not quite what you would expect from a seaside residence. It’s darker, moodier and more masculine but it is still relaxed and focuses on bringing the outside in. It reflects its position further back from the sea in a canal estate. It’s more urban resort than seaside chic and oh so cool. Love the garden ideas in this one. Link here while it lasts.

MaRgoT says:

Quel lieu paradisiaque !

not quite what comes to mind when one says beach home..but what a cool way to break the convention… really outstanding…love the ourdoor spaces the most! thanks for sharing..have a lovely day..xx meenal

denise says:

I think a fabulous beach home! Much better than that other one you featured earlier. Darker, cooler, more inviting. I probably would have liked it even darker. So welcoming to walk into after a day at the beach in the blistering sun, the glare of sea and sand. This is Australian coastal. Anyone who's grown up here knows the pleasure of cool darkened rooms on a hot day. And a little Japanese inspired oasis never goes astray.

What a chic retreat. Denise makes a great point about a cool, dark sanctuary after a day of blistering Australian sun. But equally it doesn't strike me as a great place to be with kids and dogs spreading sand everywhere. lol Definitely a grown-ups hide-away. Love the pergola over the outdoor dining area (last photo) shade + airy and open.

Marie says:

Very different, and extremely chic beach home. Love to see alternatives to the "classic" cottage-type beach house. Just found your blog through Home Decor News and am excited to subscribe and look around.

mrmichaelbali says:

i live in bali, and the idea to bring little green garden inside to our property is very smart. since many villa and home had not much space anymore specially if you living in Seminyak area, which is crazy price.

Tigerlily says:

I have just the space for this. My courtyard has been bright and sunny and somehow this makes more sense…tomm, I plant ivy to soften the white walls.

bogz_nacional says:

Soooo nice! I love it so much… ;D

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