Stuart Membery

Posted on Thu, 28 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

Fashion designer, artist, furniture and homewares designer, Australian icon Stuart Membery. Welcome to his piece of paradise in Bali. Stuart’s home is elegant and relaxed, catering to all the senses. A tropical paradise as it should be. A little OTT, a lot of fun Stuart’s compound consists of a main house with extensive outdoor living areas and a guest house all wrapped in the lush greenery of the tropical gardens. And of course it is the perfect showcase for Stuart’s latest range of furniture and homewares. Gorgeous rattan and wicker, carved timbers with an asian plantation touch, lashings of blue and white. I’m booking my ticket for an extended stay or at least dreaming of where to place a rattan chair or two in my place. You’ll find it all on his website.

Photography by Tim Street-Porter.

Nicole says:

Absolutely breathtaking. I think this just might be heaven on earth.

Chris says:

Wow indeed! There are some who love simplicity and there are some, like myself, who crave more, more more. This is perfect. It may seem like a cliche at times but I think is what the designer wanted to do. It is a bit tongue in cheek. It doesn't take itself seriously. Sorry I am rambling. Just pass me a drink on that patio.

Dannie says:

Stuart Membery has always had a great eye for design (and marketing). I miss his clothing range. First esprit then his own line. I had wondered where he had gone. Paradise it seems. Lucky bastard!

tj says:

love. that's all i want to say.

Sammy says:

That staircase made me inhale quite sharply. Beautiful.

Tim Street-Porter says:

Looks Great! ………… Photo credits please!

midcenturyjo says:

You're right Tim. Your photos are gorgeous. I've changed the post to reflect that they are yours.

Gigi says:

Just visually gorgeous. I thought it looked comfortable too. I just wish I had his sense of design for one day. Great photos.

anna says:

Fuckin incredible stuart your a star

kimberly Rooijakkers says:

We love the white colombial cabinet with shells on display.
Any tips where we could find this?

midcenturyjo says:

It’s most likely a vintage/antique piece painted white but Stuart makes a similar although less ornate version

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