A bedroom makeover

Posted on Thu, 28 Apr 2011 by KiM

This inspiring bedroom makeover comes from French blogger Vincent Layerle…
One of my friends asked me if I could do something with his really old-fashioned bedroom… and of course, I have said YES ! It was a real pleasure for me to try to make this room something special for him. A place where he could sleep peacefully, enjoy watching his favorites movies or just work easier than he did when his Mac was on a tea table (yes, it was exactly like that before I came)… He also wanted more storage units… Yes this friend was very hard to please!

So I have pulled my socks up and I have first built a complete bed… It looks like a platform covered by a parquet floor bleached in a scandinavian way… and he has now a huge drawer to put in all his stuffs… (around 6*6 ft)… To make it cozier I have installed two wool curtains,… He has told me when he closes them, he feels exactly like he was in a boat cabin… and he really likes boats… so a good point for me !
For the bedhead, I have just used 3 Lack tabletops from Ikea. The wallpaper has been found on the french website Elitis. There is an amazing Ikea floor lamp too, just beside the bench storage that I have built like a big boy. ‘How’ you will ask me (or not… but I will still tell you…) : 6 wood planks covered with an old piece of fabric (found on a deck chair)… Yes it’s really easy and yes I am the king of recycling…
The small console-desk has been created using an Ikea Expedit bookshelf…
Finally, the fabulous checked cushions have been created by my dear friend ‘Mademoiselle Dimanche’, a french fabric designer that I love so much ! (here is her website… sure you will love too !)

Ashton says:

True, really small pictures – I would have liked to have seen it from a removed point of view. However, at least you can see the decor, which is so cute. And the room seems to be really small anyway. I really like what Layerle did with the room. He used a lot of white, and with the blue and bits of yellow, it kind of reminds me of a European nautical theme or something …

Very pretty!

Vincent says:

Once again Thank u Kim !!!

Helen says:

The tulips changed color!

magda627 says:

We love Vincent, here in Canada !!!! He is an inspiration and has really neat ideas ! I'm a fan of his blog, there is always something great going on. This transformation is just amazing ! Love it ! Bravo Vincent, you should be in a magazin or a design book !

Jessica says:

We love Vincent in Philadelphia too.
Its blog is so an inspiration and the guy is so kind with his readers.
Congrats to you Vincent, you deserve it!

Rosy says:

Another great transformation, Kim. Great bedhead/tabletop idea. Inspired for a future room. Would love you to come over for your thoughts on a platform bed + window covering ideas!

love the storage under the bed…it just makes so much sense…
and I like the use of the beadboard….
excellent use of space and color…

oregonbird says:

I wish I could get an idea of the room – vignettes, yes, for some reason I have a sudden craving for tulips… but room, no. Not a clue.

Maya Lou says:

So Lovely !
So French …

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